• GEELONG CBD – Separated bike lanes the answer to liveable cities

    We have a real opportunity to change our cycling culture by making Geelong bicycle friendly. This is our chance to make Geelong world class, a liveable city, a progressive modern city. Here are some links and downloads to show how others are doing it and what we need to do right now!


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  • Please donate to the Rory Wilson Appeal

    A special Trust Fund has been been established for Rory’s future. The funds will be applied for the benefit and wellbeing of Rory, with the primary purpose being his future care, support and rehabilitation.
    Rory is a 64 year old husband, father and grandfather who was involved in a serious cycling accident on the Bellarine Peninsula. As a result he suffered a severe spinal injury and is permanently paralysed from the upper chest down. An elite athlete all his life, he is also well known in cycling, running and swimming circles. In his latter years he has become a staunch advocate for bicycle safety, being an active Committee Member of Bike Safe.


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  • A new trend is occurring…

    We are noticing more vehicles are passing us as if we were any other vehicle. That is they are moving into the next lane when passing. This should be celebrated and encouraged. So here goes!

    Pass a cyclists as you would any other vehicle. The issue is drivers are sometimes in a hurry and feel cyclists have plenty of time, so there is inbuilt antagonism towards us. “The road is my workplace…I’m in a hurry to drop the kids off…I need to get to work…” Fair enough, but just waiting a few seconds could save the life of a cyclist who is someone’s child, parent, grandparent or friend.

    This is especially applicable on arterial roads with no shoulders, where the bulk of cyclist fatalities occur. Those crashes clearly show a metre is not enough. Passing in the next lane won’t use more petrol and won’t take more time.

    If you like this, here is an A4  POSTER >

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    The 2013 Most Hazardous Roads list for the Geelong Region has just been released by Bike Safe. Still top of the list is Horseshoe Bend Road in Torquay (pictured left courtesy Geelong Advertiser).

    Other roads named are the Portarlington-Queenscliff Road, Lower Duneed Road, Barrabool Road, Forest Road Lara, Moorabool Street, Shell Parade, Blackgate Road, Coombes/Hendy Main Roads, Ghazeepore Road, Drysdale- Portarlington Road, Thacker Street Ocean Grove, Forest Road Anglesea; High Street Drysdale; Forrest-Apollo Bay Rd and Deans Marsh-Lorne Road.

    The roads were defined on the basis of incident reports, poor or no shoulders, no bike lanes, maintenance problems, increasing vehicle numbers and that they are on most used cycling routes.

  • Report a hazard

    If you are riding along and see a hazard, don’t ignore it, report it!  You could save the next cyclist coming along a serious accident. Just enter the phone numbers in your phone and you will be ready. MORE>

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